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Tokyo, Comic Market, and New Years – Day 3: That’s a long line…

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Three days, three posts (kind of…)! I think I’m on a roll! Unfortunately, you shouldn’t get your hopes up, because if I continue at this pace then I’m going to run out of material in oh, another three or four days or so. XD Anyway, continuing the story from where we left our heroes…

The second night in Tokyo we slept better. Combining the lack of sleep the first night and the exhaustion of traveling in a city you’ve never been to before, full of people you’ve never met, speaking a language you can speak, and understand, but have to work pretty hard mentally to do either… well, and you get surprisingly tired surprisingly quickly. XD

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Tokyo, Comic Market, and New Years – Day 2: That’s a lot of people…

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The first night we were in Tokyo was odd. It’s like it was hitting us all over again that we were in Japan. But then it wasn’t just that, it was also that we were in Tokyo, the biggest city not only in Japan, but in the world. After reveling in that fact for a while, we were finally able to get some sleep to prepare for our early start on the second day of our trip. One day was done, four more to go. The next three would be spent at Comic Market, the biggest comic convention in the world. We were going to need all the rest we could get.

Note: To anybody who saw this early, congratulations. I meant for this to publish itself on the 30th (for me, anyway), so that it would seem like I write more often than I actually do… so if you saw it, and then it was gone, this is why. :)

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Tokyo, Comic Market, and New Years – Day 1: Getting there

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Well hello again! Sorry it’s taken me so long to update my blog again, but now that we’re finally done with classes, I’ll hopefully be able to get caught up pretty soon. Yeah, our last classes were on Tuesday. We’re pretty much free until Feb. 19th, when we start orientation for our Asuke cultural trip. We’ll actually go to Asuke on the 21st, and get back on Mar. 2nd. Until — and after — then, I’m free. So I’m pretty sure the last thing I wrote about was Christmas. Well, I suppose I’ll just go in order and write about my trip to Tokyo. Here goes…

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It’s been a while…

Friday, January 23rd, 2009 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Well, it’s been a while, but I just wanted to let you know that I will be updating the blog in over the weekend. Classes and finals are finally almost over, and I’ll finally have time to update again. Yay! Anyway, more then. Bye~


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